When traveling, you meet a lot of different personalities. A lot of people with different stories, different backgrounds. What I love is, that in some way we understand each other without saying much. We are here, together, like a family, and we help each other, give each other advice and recommendations. No matter what kind of traveler you are, we always have funny and good things to share with each other. And yes there are different kind of travelers. I have a little funny theory that I'm gonna share with you (dont take it too serious though). 
Type number 1: the vacation travelers. The vacation travelers have their jobs or studies back home, just taking a break from the normal life to get some new impressions and more vitamin D. Like a quick reality escape for two weeks or so.
Type number 2: is the type of traveler who just graduated, who loves to party and travel in groups. They're kind of taking a year off of their normal life, but soon realizing that they have to go back home to study. Because that's what society tells you to do. That's how it's suppose to be.
Type number 3: the traveler who never stops. The person who keeps exploring, looking, searching for something without really knowing what they're searching for. It can be for years. Some people would say a reality escape. I don't know. 
Which one am I? Which one are you? 
We've met all of theese types on this trip. No matter what, everyone that we've met has put some kind of footsteps in our lives (more or less). I have a lot of personalities that I'll never forget. We've for example met a wonderful french couple who spoke to us about star signs, rising signs, moon signs, different stones and yoga for a whole night. Another figure was a happy Austrian guy that always always always made us smile no matter what. God I could write for the whole night about people we've met here, but I'll do that in my diary instead :) 

Underbara bilder, längtar till värmen!

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